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Eastern Europe.Romania

Romania is bordered by the Black Sea , Bulgaria, Ukraine , Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. The population is about 20 million. Capital is Bucharest. Currency is the Romanian Leu (ron).--For my first visit to Romania i arrived off the night train in ARAD from Munich, and first impression was not good. The station area was run down and scruffy. Turning left from the station i followed hotel signs on the street light poles. It was a good walk and the area improved. I came across the hotel Best Western in a side street, this suited my needs, it was comfortable and reasonable price. I stayed 2 nights. By the way a taxi on my return to station was cheap. Arad is a nice place to walk around the town and riverside.There is a Cathedral and City Hall in Arad.-- A day trip i took by train was to Timisoara, a lovely place with University, parks and Cathedral.--- A good small guide book is handy if you are travelling independantly.-- On this holiday as well has Arad i stayed in Brasov, Bucharest, and Constanta, on a further holiday i stayed in Sibiu, Sighsoara,and Cluj. Romania as some lovely places. I used the train,mostly slow, but all around Romania a huge effort is being made to upgrade the train tracks.--- My first visit was 2007 and second 2016.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BRASOV. The local bank is Transilvania , which reminds me that this Dracula country. I moved from Arad on the 07-18 train to Teius, changed train for Brasov here.-- Brasov train station is 4km from the old town , so took a taxi,fare cheap. I stayed in Aro Palace hotel ,not so cheap, but luxury worth it. The local beer 2007_aug_sept_200741.jpg CONSTANTA2007_aug_sept_200740.jpg CONSTANTA2007_aug_sept_200737.jpg CONSTANTA2007_aug_sept_200735.jpg BUCHAREST2007_aug_sept_200734.jpg BUCHAREST2007_aug_sept_200730.jpg BUCHAREST2007_aug_sept_200728.jpgBRASOV2007_aug_sept_200722.jpg BRASOV2007_aug_sept_200716.jpg BRASOVBRASOV2007_aug_sept_200724.jpgBRASOV2007_aug_sept_200725.jpg2007_aug_sept_200718.jpg2007_aug_sept_200714.jpg2007_aug_sept_200713.jpg2007_aug_sept_20079.jpg2007_aug_sept_20078.jpg2007_aug_sept_20077.jpg2007_aug_sept_20076.jpg2007_aug_sept_20074.jpg2007_aug_sept_20072.jpgis Ursus.. Sightseeing in Brasov is easy to walk around. The town is surrounded by mountains, one side a Cable Car goes up to the Hollywood style Sign BRASOV in the Tampa mountains.--- The other side of town you can walk up to the White Tower and Black Tower (both white).-------------------------------------------------------------------BUCHAREST is the Capital of Romania and the largest city. I stayed in the Ibis hotel about 500m from the main rail station.----Parliament Palace is a massive marble building at the end of Boulevard Uniri, built bewtween 1984 and 1900. It is the second largest building in the world. A guided tour in English takes one hour. I went on the balcony (not the one Ceausecu made his final speach from before being deposed ). ---Bolavard Uniri is a pleasent walk, a wide street lined with trees, that was formed by the forced clearances-- The Russian Church built between 1905 and 1909 was built with russian money and has seven domes..--- There is a Metro underground in Bucharest.-----------------------------------------------------------------CONSTANTA is in Eastern Romania on the Black Sea coast, population 298,000; the third largest. There is a train connection to Bucharest. Buses go to Bulgaria and Istanbul. In Constanta i stayed at the Ibis Hotel on the cliff top overlooking the Black Sea. The beaches are very good. There is a loose dog problem,if you leave them alone they dont bother you. There is a small promanede wih old Casino building.-==================================================================================================================================My second trip to Romania was in November 2016, i arrived in SIBIU off the night trian from Budapest. Sibiu was busy with the Christmas Markets, so hotels nearly full. At a hostal that was full, a helpful man rang a hotel for me, thats how i came to be at 3 star Hotel Gallant (140Lei, £28 , Bed and Breafast ). The hotel had a restuarant. In Sibiu most people can understand English and German. Sibiu is a lovely place ,in the Transylvania plateaui in Central Romania. Three squares make up the main town,with streets and stairs to Lower Town.--Places of interest are Liars Bridge, Luthern Cathedral, Sftanta Treime Cathedral, Carpenters Tower etc.-- I stayed 2 nights in Sibiu then moved to Sighisora.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SIGHISOARA. After a 3 hour train ride from Sibiu i arrived in Sighisoara. There were no taxis at the station so took a 15 minute walk to centre of Sighisoara. The new town is near the river Tarnava ,and the old town is up the hill. Here is Citadel,and Clock Tower ( 64m high), cobbled streets and a small square,with coloured buildings The birthplace of Vlad the Impaler ( Dracular ) is up here. There is a covered stairway 300 years old, to the Church and School on the Hill. I stayed at The Post Hotel in new town, great place.----The town of Sighisoara is from the Middle Ages, the most beautiful medieval site in Romania , it was founded in 1191.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CLUJ NAPOCA is in North West Romania. It was November and a thick fog hung around all day, so didn"t see the place at its best. What i saw i liked. ---I really liked the Hotel Transilvania in Regele Ferdinand 20, handy for town. The room was really comfortable, there was a restaurant with tasty food. The train station is a little way out of town, so took taxi, 10 Lei (£2) I would stay at this hotel again. ROMANIA is a country and people that i like.DSCN4198.jpg CLUJ NAPOCADSCN4202.jpg CLUJ NAPOCADSCN4190.jpg CLUJ NAPOCA DSCN4191__1_.jpgCLIJ NAPOCADSCN4177.jpg SIGHISOARA DSCN4161.jpg SIGHISOARADSCN4157.jpgSIGHISOARADSCN4150__1_.jpg SIGHISOARADSCN4147__2_.jpgDSCN4142__1_.jpgDSCN4140.jpgDSCN4137.jpgDSCN4134__1_.jpgDSCN4132.jpgDSCN4098.jpgDSCN4093.jpgDSCN4087.jpgDSCN4086__3_.jpgSIBIUDSCN4082__3_.jpgSIBIUDSCN4080__3_.jpgDSCN4073__1_.jpgDSCN4071__1_.jpgDSCN4067.jpgDSCN4058.jpgDSCN4064.jpgSIBIUDSCN4061.jpg SIBIUSIBIUDSCN4057.jpgSIBIUDSCN4052.jpg SIBIUDSCN4049.jpg SIBIU

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